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Press release: On the trail of the best of British food

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Supermarkets put local food networks under siege

The Artisan Food trail were asked to comment by on the report 'From field to fork: The value of England's local food webs' from the Campaign to Protect Rural Englad (CPRE)

Here's the article online


The Artisan Food Trail featured in
The Green Parent magazine

Catherine Mack, has written a lovely piece about The Artisan Food Trail, highlighting the importance of buying locally sourced food when taking a holiday. In her regular column on green travel she also mentions AFT member Cardona & Son, the family-run producer of rare breed pork.

A copy of the piece is here on our blog


Sustainable Local Food - Planet 21

The Artisan Food Trail exhibited at the Planet 21 event for sustainable food.

With PLANET 21, Accor has made 21 commitments in favour of sustainable development.

Intrinsically linked to sustainable development, the name PLANET 21 refers to Agenda 21, the action plan adopted by 173 Heads of State at the 1992 Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro. It also echoes the urgent need to focus efforts in the 21st century to change our production and consumption patterns with the goal of protecting our planet, its people and their environment.

At the event with Environmental Population


Link Local Exhibition

The Artisan Food Trail exhibited at the Link Local exhibition set up to encourage local business integration and collaboration.


Awards and Press

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