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"Always very helpful and supportive to small businesses like ours. And nice people too!"

Sarah Pettegree - Bray's Cottage Pork Pies

"A great way of promoting our business through social media. The Artisan Food Trail does a great job for us small businesses."

Felicity Smith - Mortimer Chocolate Company

"Artisan Food Trail has been an invaluable help in promoting my business online by using social network platforms such as Twitter. They regularly tweet information about my products and events and help keep my profile out there."

Janet Peachey - Peachey's Preserves

"If you buy locally sourced food you know where your money is going, which is why websites like The Artisan Food Trail are worth shouting about. Just one year old but growing as quickly as our summer vegetables, methinks this one will just keep self seeding its way to sustainable perfection."

Catherine Mack - The Green Parent

"The Artisan Food Trail is a great way to put you on the map amongst other artisan food producers. it is also a great way to get you tweets seen by over 3,000 other tweeters."

Byam Trotter - Trotters Independent Condiments


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