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Not only do we plan to list as many producers as we can,
we also want everyone know where they can find them, which is why we’re also adding a shows, festivals and markets listing.

We’ll let you know when a food specific awareness event is happening and for those people who want to learn how to become producers themselves, or want to gain an insight or simply have fun with food, we’ll also be adding a directory of courses and workshops.

If all of that wasn’t enough, we’re also able to help producers run their social media, produce their images, design their leaflets and packaging and even help them set up their own e-commerce websites.

For now though, if you’re a producer take a look at what your page could say about you.

We set up The Artisan Food Trail because we are passionate about artisan and local produce and know that there are many people like us who share that passion, whether they are buying it or making it.

More and more people are discovering the importance of knowing where their food comes from. They care about what goes into their food, how it is made and importantly it must taste good. Maybe they are looking for something different and a little special.

Enabling foodies, chefs, restaurants, local shops etc. to source quality food with a difference, The Artisan Food Trail’s aim is to connect people with producers. We want to make this as simple and enjoyable as possible; each producer has their own page in their directory category, with details about their products and lots of inspiring pictures to get your appetite going.
You can meander around the website discovering products, or if you know what you want, our handy quick search will put you on the correct trail to your favourite food or producer.

We like producers that keep in touch with their customers,
new or old, so we’ve included links to their twitter, facebook and youtube pages, as well as their blogs, if you like to interact through social media (we’ve heard it’s really taking off).
You can also email them direct, phone or write – it’s up to you.


Welcome to The Artisan Food Trail

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