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We've created three maps for you to help you find your way around The Artisan Food Trail:
• Producers, Courses, Workshops and Cookery Schools • Shows and Festivals • Farmers Markets

Clicking on the 'aft' marker on any map will give you a pop-up with information about the producer, event or market - you'll also be able to link to the producers page within the food trail from their marker (please note that not all producers wish to have their location included on the map as they are not open to the public).

Clicking on the text headings above the map below will load that map for you. If you'd like to view the map in its own window, then click the link under the map. This will load a Google map which will also show you a list of everyone featured on the map and give you access to other pages of information too.

View Artisan Food Trail Map in it's own window

The Artisan Food Trail Map

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