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The Artisan Food Trail offers producers a unique and affordable online web presence that is rich in features within a website set to become the country's biggest, most comprehensive online resource of artisan producers available.

Look below to see what's included in your yearly subscription:

Links to your social media pages
With the rapidly changing way in which businesses are attracting their customers, social media has rapidly become a cheap (if not free) way to send out messages about your products. With this in mind your The Artisan Food Trail page allows for links to a Facebook 'like' page, Twitter, a blog and YouTube page.
As an additional service we can setup any of your social media pages for you and can also offer a blog/Facebook/Twitter service if required.

Monthly entry update
Your yearly subscription allows for one minor change to your page each month
(these are valid for the month only and do not roll-over). Anything within your page can be amended or new information added. Additional changes can be made should you wish, these will be looked at 'as is' and we will quote you for any work that falls outside of your monthly subscription.

Featured producer opportunity
Each month new producer will be added to our 'featured producers' box on
The Artisan Food Trail website home page giving them a whole month of additional coverage.

Unique URL
Most directory or listing websites will give you a generic entry into their system.
The Artisan Food Trail will give you a unique URL that's easy for you to remember and to pass on to others that may want to look at your page. An easily remembered URL to your dedicated page will give you a web presence which contains your company name if you don't have your own website and will add to your search rankings if you do. As an addition, if you already have a website and have supplied us with the URL, our designers will where possible, pick up the colour palette to continue your existing branding - we can not offer a redesign of your page within The Artisan Food Trail to match your website.

Company logo
If you already have a company logo just let us have a good quality file (we'll let you know what we need) and it will be added to your page. If you don't have a logo,
that's not a problem we'll just add your company name as text, or maybe you'd like to take advantage of our logo creation service that will not only give you a logo for your page, but can be used on your business stationery, leaflets and other collateral too.

Company profile
Your Artisan Food Trail directory page allows you to tell your customers about your products, giving you room for approximately 300 words. If you need help with producing the keyword rich text for your page we offer this as an additional service - just supply us with the details of your business and your products and we'll turn it into the text you need.

Photos and product images
Each directory page within The Artisan Food Trail can contain up to 4 images -
we'd suggest that they are of your products and perhaps one of yourself/yourselves or your premises if this is somewhere that customers may visit to purchase your products. If you don't have images of your products and need some professionally produced, this is another of our additional services (and we'll supply the high resolution images created for your page to you for use elsewhere).

Contact details
Your contact details are crucial for your customers to contact you. The more options that you can give a potential customer to contact you the better, but we do understand that if your business is based at home you may not wish to give these details out over the internet, with this in mind your page can be adapted to meet your needs, we allow for an address, 1 telephone number and fax number (if you have one), 1 email address and an existing website URL (not applicable to everyone).

Links to your website (if applicable)

Place marker on Google Maps
Should you be using an address within your Artisan Food Trail page you may wish us to include a google map to enable your customers to find you even more easily.


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* Additional optional support services
With over 50 years of design experience working with some of the UK's brand names our designers are able to give you additional support across a range of other services including:
Social media setup and continued content -
find out more
Product photography -
find out more
Design service -
find out more
Website service -
find out more
Print service -
find out more
Trademark service -
find out more

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