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Catering equipment comes with a big expense. You'll not only want value for money, but you'll also want to know that what you've purchased will be the right equipment for the right job and will last.

Our partners, Eco Catering Equipment supply the latest high quality state of the art kitchen equipment that is available on the market today, products that will provide outstanding consistent performance for many years - helping to save you money and benefit the environment. With ever increasing energy costs and pressure from the authorities and consumers demanding corporate responsibility the running costs, durability and environmental impact of a unit should not be ignored.

Eco Catering Equipment understand the vital importance of having the correct kitchen equipment for you to produce perfect results time and again for your customers. They pride themselves on the range and quality of the products they are able to offer allowing them to cover all of your kitchen needs. A range of high end equipment including refrigeration, ware-washing, oven ranges, fryers, laundry and many other products to fulfil your needs.

Eco Catering Equipment take care of the unnecessary, valuable time and effort required to decide what you need.

Their experienced staff will be more than happy to discuss your requirements. They’ll work with you, your needs and within your budget. Putting you first as a valued customer and offer leading brands backed up with an abundance of product knowledge and reliable customer service.

As a member of The Artisan Food Trail you'll benefit from guaranteed savings across their entire product range.


CURRENT MEMBERS: Please contact us if you have lost the details required to obtain a discount on Eco Catering Equipments products.

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