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AFT Photography Services
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AFT Photography Services
AFT Photography Services

The Artisan Food Trail is able to offer a 10 discount on the iZettle chip & PIN Reader.

One of the topics that comes up time and again with producers on The Artisan Food Trail, is the taking of payments by credit or debit card. No one wants to turn business away, but you have to consider the ongoing monthly expense for irregular use, not being able to accept Amex, cost differences between different cards, the list goes on and on.

The Artisan Food Trail may have found the solution for a lot of small businesses as the iZettle service lets anyone selling anything face to face take credit or debit card payments using their chip & PIN Reader that is compatible with almost all smartphones, iPhone, iPad or Android phone and costing only 49 with our 10 discount.

Transaction fees are competitive, starting at 2.75% per transaction whichever card is used and reducing to as little as 1.5% with the more you sell. There are no contracts or other monthly fixed fees, so if you occasionally need to be able to take credit or debit cards at shows, festivals or markets it’s the perfect secure and safe solution.

Not only is iZettle simple to use, but the accompanying app allows you to set up a full product inventory in advance of any sales opportunity with price variants for any product (small, medium, large, 125ml, 250ml, 500ml, etc.). You may also apply bulk or regular customer discounts on the fly and even reverse a payment if you need to. Add to this the ability to send an email receipt that details the products purchased, price (inc. vat if applicable), your logo, company details and google map of where the transaction takes place and you have a very professional solution that the old hand-held machines just can’t match. If you have people attending different markets for you on the same day you can also purchase additional iZettle chip & PIN Readers to allow then to take payment securely through your account (you control access at all times).

Get your iZettle chip & PIN Reader today and start taking payments wherever you go. is not endorsed or certified by iZettle.

AFT Photography Services
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