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The Artisan Food Trail provides focussed support for our members through active promotion of their businesses and the help needed for them to develop and grow.

By creating an organisation that supports and promotes artisan food producers, The Artisan Food Trail has become the first port of call for anyone wishing to find the very best in UK produce.

We have established a community that recognises and values the importance of creating high quality artisan food and drink, using the best ingredients and practices, believing that you should be rewarded for your endeavours.

Dedicated to helping producers and small food businesses get themselves seen by the people that want to know more about them and their produce - their customers, we have built a range of valuable services to benefit our members. These are devised to provide you with the resources, knowledge and advice to help you be more productive and profitable.

Having a page on our website is really only the start...

  • Sustained promotion of your business throughout the year
    From the award winning Artisan Food Trail, one of the world’s best social brands
  • Product and Produce Approval
    Articles, recipes, posts and more
  • Access to a FREE legal helpline
    From one of the largest firms of solicitors specialising in field-to-fork food & drink
  • Preferential rates on key brand services
    Design • Photography • Websites • Print • Online Marketing
  • Discounts on services and products
    Insurance • Catering Equipment • Market Equipment • Card Payment Systems
  • Much, much more...

As we continue to grow, we continue to increase the benefits of membership by listening to our members' needs and finding solutions for them wherever we can, but always remaining focussed on promoting their businesses.

If you need further information about becoming a member of The Artisan Food Trail then please email us at: or call us on 0844 995 9996

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