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Social Media Services


Everyone is different. Some people easily pick-up how to interact with their customers. Some just give up at the first hurdle - how many producers twitter streams have you seem with a 'I've joined twitter' message and nothing more?

Social media isn't necessarily your route to your fortune, but used in the right way, will help you build awareness of your products and a friendly additional marketing team of followers who are only to happy to help you get your products in front of other people like themselves.

The Artisan Food Trail are also able to offer help and advice on setting up your campaigns. We can arrange for your social media to be managed for you and can help with content.

If you would like The Artisan Food Trail to put you in contact with people that can help, email us at:

Everyone's using it and it's a great way to get your message across to your customers - tell people about your latest produce, your offers, which market you'll be at this weekend, what foodie festival you're attending and a whole lot more - best of all - it can be a totally free marketing tool for your business allowing you to interact directly with your customers.

But remember - social media does need to be approached with some sensitivity if you're using it to promote your business.

Everything that you publish on Facebook, Twitter or other social media platforms is telling people about your business and how you conduct your business. It needs to be fun, but it should always be professional and be helping to build your brand.

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