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They give practical, cost effective and common sense solutions, all set out in a straightforward way to ensure that you will always understand even the most complicated of possible problems.

With many years experience advising on:

Patents, Trade Marks, Designs, Copyright, Portfolio Management, Licensing, Enforcement, including Litigation and Anti-counterfeiting and Due Diligence matters, they would be only to happy to consult with you to ensure that what's yours, stays yours.

If you would like The Artisan Food Trail to put you in contact with people that can help, email us at:

Okay, so you've got everything in place.

You've got your company name, you've got your produce, you've got your packaging and recipe leaflets and you're ready to go - but did you remember to protect yourself before you released your brand and produce into the world? The answer is probably 'no'.

The Artisan Food Trail is able to put you in contact with some of the best people to give you practical advice and help when it comes to protecting what's rightfully yours.

Our associates take time to understand their client’s businesses and their commercial objectives.


Trademark and Registration Services

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