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An award winning range of hand made fruit vinegars and herb infused oils made to old family recipes created with the finest quality ingredients.

Unit 6

Dockery Hall

Kendal, Cumbria


Tel: 07775 781251


Naomi’s passion for real food echoes the creativity symbolised by the family name as well as her strong bonds to the region.

From an early age Naomi spent hours watching, learning and tasting, in her grandmother’s and mother’s kitchens, she also spent time searching through old recipe books, especially ones related to foraging in the hedgerows. One year Naomi found she had a large amount of blackberries left over from jelly making, she decided to dig out an old recipe that she had found in her grandmother’s hand written notes and so Agnes Rose was born.


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Agnes Rose is the latest culinary concept from Cumbria to take the speciality food sector by storm. This extraordinary range, comprising of different varieties of fruit vinegars and herb infused oils made by hand to old family recipes, is the creation of Naomi Darbishire.

These versatile products are created from red and white wine vinegar and packed with fresh fruit are delicious drizzled on pancakes, used in dressing, marinades and sauces or diluted as a drink. The Agnes Rose range can be used in the kitchen, at the table and make the perfect gift.

Starting her production in her parent’s pantry, Naomi found space was becoming limiting and she was draining the life out of the Aga. She has now set up production in Kendal, much to her mothers delight!

Each batch is meticulously produced by hand, an individual creation embodying the essence of nature’s finest and empowering the user with a product of distinction. All ingredients are picked to ensure a gastronomic glimpse into the art of culinary excellence!

Her father, Stephen Darbishire a well known Lake District artist painted the pictures of the fruit and herbs that adorn the labels, bringing the whole quality and essence of the product together.


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  • Blackberry and Mint Vinegar
  • Cumbrian Damson Cider Vinegar with Local Honey

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