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We produce flavoured brownies and blondies to various coffee shops, delis, bars and farm shops.

Unit D3

Norwood Court


S21 2JH

Tel: 07986 298835


We produce a range of bespoke flour free brownies and blondies in many exciting flavours.  We currently supply to four award winning outlets in Yorkshire. We also deliver to a range of independant deli's, bars, coffee shops and a frozen yoghurt outlet. Retail opportunities are growing with the brand that is #brownies.

Our products are hand-baked by one of the most experienced pastry chefs in the North . After training, at Le Gavroche, Wendy spent 2 years in New York and Los Angeles. Upon returning to England she worked in some of London's best restaurants and has provided desserts for celebrities, such as Elton John at his  White Tie & Tiara Ball plus his wedding, Robbie Williams, Danni Minogue and even the Queen.

Andy has spent most of his career involved in different levels of catering. He has a passion for good tasting and good looking food.

We believe that our brownies are the best on the market, using locally sourced eggs, fair trade cocoa, Belgian Chocolate and unrefined brown sugar unless otherwise stated.

 #brownies was started 14 months ago and has gained momentum as a brand by using social media for advertising.  We participate in Farmers markets, food fairs and events. Please visit our website and contact us if you would like to know more or even get some sent through the post.


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Catch us at the Leeds Farmers Market held at the open market in Kirkgate on the 1st and 3rd Sunday of every month.


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