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Susannah’s Sauces are handmade and homemade. Gluten free, no artificial additives or preservatives. Each sauce is highly adaptable with multiple uses and designed to make food memorably delicious.

Close Cottage

Wasing Road

Brimpton, Berkshire


Tel: 0118 971 0158


Susannah's Sauces aims to be a beacon for all food lovers. We are a small cottage industry producing a range of delicious, homemade and handmade sauces from our kitchen in Berkshire. All our products are gluten free and free of artificial additives and preservatives.

All our sauces are designed to be highly adaptable with multiple uses. All of them work as a dip or topping.

Flirty French Dressing is an excellent accompaniment to salads and cold meat, is delicious on sausages, baked potatoes and roast lamb. It is delicious as a dip with breadsticks or crudités. Added to chicken thighs it is a wonderful glaze or marinade.

Tasty Tarragon Mayonnaise is great with fish or steak. Add it to cold chicken and add watercress and a few grapes and you get a wonderful meal. Use it to make an egg mayonnaise sandwich for a quick healthy snack.

Succulent Tomato Sauce is a great pizza base, a much better and healthier alternative to tomato ketchup. Add it to casseroles to give a real tomato taste. Used with pasta, meatballs or with cheese on toast and it becomes a real family favourite.

Scrumptious Savoury Sauce is a unique blend of flavours that has made it one of our best sellers. We guarantee you will never have tasted anything quite like it. Delicious as a dip with crudités or breadsticks great with cold meat, brilliant with sausages, BBQ meat and steak.

Bewitching Butterscotch is a must if you like butterscotch. So smooth it is wonderful as a topping on ice cream and crumbles. Add it to porridge or banoffee pie.

Spectacular Chocolate Spread is a truly delicious topping on ice cream, great as a cake filling and when added to hot milk makes the best hot chocolate you will ever have tasted.


You'll find us at these markets:

Bucklebury Artisan Market
Country Living Spring Fair
Newbury Artisan Market
Marlborough Spring Fair

And the following outlets:

Cook and Butcher, Thatcham
Hampstead Norreys Community Shop
Fielders Farm Shop, Pangbourne
Grey's Cheese Shop, Pangbourne


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